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I am not accepting work at this time.

Welcome to my shop!

    Creating a customized pistol requires the melding of the finest components from the best vendors that have been proven through the test of time. I specialize in customizing 1911 pistols and I limit my work to traditional Government or Commander length single stack frames in 45 ACP only. I prefer to work on well made pistols produced by makers like Colt, Springfield Armory, Wilson, Baer, Brown, and Caspian. You won’t find assembly line mass production methods in use. Instead, each pistol is crafted by hand to provide the highest level of detail, fit, and craftsmanship. You’ll receive your pistol, with the modifications that you’ve chosen, and you’ll be proud to own and trust your life with.

A little background about myself.

I started at an early age working with my hands; I always loved hot rods, muscle cars, and motorcycles. One of my first full time jobs out of high school was working for a crane manufacturer. I did assembly work for most of my time there, with a short stint in the welding and fabrication shop. I also spent a few years working with the engineering team building and testing prototypes.

I then spent about 8 -9 years working at an aerospace fastener manufacturer where we built precision fasteners for the aircraft industry and military. At this job I learned to appreciate the meaning of precision workmanship; most of our tolerances were a few ten thousandth of an inch. There isn’t a lot of room for error with those tight tolerances. I got into the management side of business during my years with the aerospace company and that changed my career path.

After leaving the aerospace industry I went into management with a large nationwide distribution company.  I’ve worked in that industry for 18+ years and during that whole time I was looking and longing to get back to doing some type of work with my hands.

Over the years I’ve always enjoyed shooting and started shooting IDPA and IPSC matches at some local ranges. Then I decided a few years ago I needed some advanced handgun training to improve my skills and hopefully my scores. It was through this training with Randy Cain that I got to meet Bob Rodgers of Rodgers Pistolsmithing, LLC.

Bob Rodgers, in my not so humble opinion, is one of the top pistolsmiths in the United States. I admired Bob’s work, his detail and craftsmanship, and his uncanny ability to make a 1911 pistol run like a well tuned machine. I started training with Bob and we became close friends. He took me under his wing and mentored me; showing me the finer points of building a high quality 1911 that you can trust your life and your families lives with. I eventually started helping Bob with his “Build Your Own Custom 1911” classes where I continued to fine tune my pistolsmithing skills. With Bob’s encouragement I opened my business.

I only pistolsmith part time and continue to work my full time job.  I do have a waiting list for custom work, but will continue to add names to that list and accept work and smaller jobs.

Dwayne Greufe,


“Dwayne will soon be one of the respected pistolsmiths of our time. I can recommend his work without reservation”

Irv Lehman, Director

Southern Exposure Firearms Training Facility

Lakeland, FL


                                                              Double D Custom Pistolsmithing, LLC

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To provide precision craftsmanship that gives the customer a distinctive and truly custom pistol; while providing accurate, combat performance which defines a true fighting 1911.